Westbrook, MAINE – Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett issued the following statement after tonight’s ME-02 Congressional candidate debate:

“While Jared Golden showed tonight that he’s the change Maine needs, Bruce Poliquin spent the entire night engaging in a character assassination of a Marine Corps combat veteran, going so far as to question his patriotism. His tactics are a sad attempt to hide his own record, and now the Maine GOP is doubling down on the same disturbing line of attack."

“What they heard from Bruce Poliquin was more of the same lies. Poliquin is trying as hard as he can to run away from his record—from his votes to eliminate health care coverage and pre-existing condition protections from thousands of his constituents; his votes to make health coverage more expensive and put rural hospitals at risk of closure, and his votes to cut Medicare and Social Security.

“Mainers saw in Jared Golden an exceptional leader who is committed to listening to his constituents and looking out for their best interests in Washington. Jared showed his commitment to expanding access to affordable health care and building an economy that helps strengthen the working class—an economy that won’t leave rural Mainers behind.”