Governor LePage, Shawn Moody, and GOP lawmakers want to rollback Maine’s successful minimum wage increase

Westbrook, MAINE - In case you missed it, an editorial today by the Bangor Daily News laid out the facts on Maine’s minimum wage increase, pointing out that it’s working and highlighting how investing in Maine’s low-wage workers will help grow the economy. The editorial board also called on Republicans to end their relentless push to rollback the minimum wage as the State Legislature comes back in today for a special session.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Shawn Moody has spoken out against the increase in the minimum wage and has said that it should be rolled back.

The editorial reads, in part:

“U.S. Department of Labor statistics show that wages grew across the board for Maine workers in 2017, the first year of the $1 minimum wage increase. As expected, the largest gain was among the lowest-paid workers, who saw the largest increase in earnings in the more than 15 years that the department has tracked this state-level data.

“At the same time, overall employment and the average number of hours worked also grew in Maine, dispelling warnings that the minimum wage increase would depress hiring and hours.

“There is long-standing national evidence that increasing the wages of low-wage earners is one of the best ways to stimulate the economy, because these workers spend their money on goods and services. Wealthier individuals tend to invest or save money they receive from raises or tax cuts. Every extra dollar that goes to a low-wage worker creates $1.21 worth of economic activity, according to respected economic models. Every dollar that goes into the pockets of high-earning Americans adds just 39 cents to the national economy.

“That’s why so many economists argue that raising the minimum wage is one of the best ways to boost the economy.”

To read the entire Bangor Daily News’ editorial, click HERE.