At the beginning of National Bullying Prevention Month, Maine Democratic Party Chair Drew Gattine released the following statement:

“For eight years as governor, Paul LePage used the power of his office to bully Mainers. He called us names, threatened us with violence, and repeatedly prioritized settling personal scores over making progress for Mainers. This year, as LePage has campaigned for his old job, he’s shown that he hasn’t changed. This year for National Bullying Prevention Month, the Maine Democratic Party is calling on all Mainers to come together and say no to bullying by saying no to Paul LePage.”

Background on Paul LePage’s bullying past

Here is just a small selection of LePage’s past bullying:

LePage began this year’s campaign by insisting that he had changed and cared about civil discourse, saying “if we don’t find a path to at least like each other and respect each other, our country is in for doom.” Since making those comments, LePage has reverted to his old ways, repeatedly insulting Governor Millsblatantly lying about her record, and threatening to “deck” a Maine Democratic Party staffer.