AUGUSTA, Maine – Today, Governor LePage traveled to Washington, D.C to participate in an energy-themed photo-op despite a looming government shutdown in Maine. Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett released the following statement:

“With fewer than 60 hours before the government shuts down, Governor LePage has walked away from the negotiating table, leaving others to deal with the budget mess he left behind. Seeking to be the second consecutive Republican Governor to force a shutdown, Governor LePage purposely spread misinformation about the education surtax, forced the resignation of the state budget director, and reintroduced policy demands that have previously failed – then skipped town. That’s not leadership. It is a complete abdication of responsibility and a breach of the public trust.

“LePage is abandoning our state on the verge of a government shutdown so that he can get another photo with Donald Trump. Sadly, it’s the people of Maine who will suffer for his recklessness.”