Westbrook, MAINE – Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett issued the following statement after tonight’s gubernatorial debate:

“Janet Mills once again showed Maine voters why she is by far the most qualified candidate in this race. After eight years of failed Republican leadership, Janet Mills is ready to take Maine in a new direction. She’ll expand health care, build an economy that allows everyone in our state to prosper, and improve our education system—and she has detailed policy proposals to back up her vision.

“Meanwhile, Shawn Moody ‘forgot’ his previous positions, ran away from others, and was once again unable to offer any specific plans to address the issues facing Mainers other than making cuts to already underfunded state programs. We need more than just rhetoric and anecdotes—we need a governor with bold ideas, concrete proposals, and proven leadership. Many of his answers just didn’t even make sense. 

"We need Janet Mills because Shawn Moody just won’t get it done.”