Westbrook, MAINE – In case you missed it, Governor LePage said this week during a call into a radio show that he would rather go to jail than implement voter-approved Medicaid expansion. Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett issued the following statement in response:

          “Governor LePage has proven once again that he has no interest in honoring the will of Maine voters by moving Medicaid expansion forward. His continued obstruction is a betrayal to Maine people, and it’s a mistake that not only harms those who need health insurance, but that also prevents millions of federal dollars from flowing into our state, growing our economy, and creating jobs.

“To make it worse, Shawn Moody has pledged to follow in Governor LePage’s footsteps by opposing Medicaid expansion and saying he would fight to repeal it. This type of obstruction is wrong, and we shouldn’t allow it to continue. That’s why we need to elect Janet Mills.

“While Shawn Moody is Governor LePage’s hand-picked successor for obstructionist-in-chief, Janet will implement Medicaid expansion and protect it for Maine people because she knows that it will strengthen our economy, create jobs, and help people gain health insurance.”

Shawn Moody has said repeatedly that he opposes Medicaid expansion, despite its overwhelming benefits for both Maine people and the state’s economy, and he even went so far to say that he would fight to repeal it as governor. He has also said that health care is a privilege, not a right, and that it must be earned, and he has railed against the Affordable Care Act. In a recent policy discussion that turned to implementation of Medicaid expansion, Moody said, “We can’t let it happen.”