Westbrook, MAINE – After comparing himself to Donald Trump repeatedly during the primary and adopting Trump’s harsh rhetoric on issues like immigration, Shawn Moody is already trying to distance himself from the unpopular president. But Moody can’t run away from Trump and Fox News has him pinned:

“Republican businessman who likens himself to Trump, Shawn Moody, wins the GOP nomination for governor of Maine.”

That’s how Fox News summed up Moody’s election day victory. And host Neil Cavuto went further and also added how much Governor Paul LePage likes Moody too:

“You know we’ve been looking at a lot of primaries so far this year heading up into the mid-terms and one thing we can conclude, if you’re a Republican and you want to win, it’s good to be either like Donald Trump or certainly to be liked by Donald Trump. In the case of Maine and the businessman Shawn Moody…he is both a businessman, like Donald Trump, and liked by Donald Trump. It matters, of course, a great deal that he’s liked very much by the incumbent, very popular, outgoing governor Paul LePage.”

In a discussion with LePage, Cavuto also later told the governor that all the Republican gubernatorial candidates, including Moody, “were all clearly preaching from your choir book.

To watch the full Fox News segment, click HERE.