On this day in 2015, Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President of the United States and promised a laundry list of ways that he would “Make America Great Again.” He promised better, cheaper health care, fairer trade deals, and that he would defend working Americans. But over the last five years, he has broken each and every one of those promises, and the people of Maine have suffered as a result. 

“In the five years since Donald Trump began running for President, he has failed to deliver on every promise that he made to the people of Maine. Instead, his chaotic and incompetent leadership has hurt Maine families while big corporations and special interests have reaped the rewards,” said Kathleen Marra, Chair of the Maine Democratic Party. “Donald Trump has broken a lot of promises he made to Mainers. Here’s one promise to him that we won’t break: we will vote him out in November.”

PROMISE: Trump’s health care would be “much better and much less expensive for people.” [Campaign Launch, 2015]

REALITY: Trump supports Republicans’ lawsuit to overturn the Affordable Care Act, threatening health coverage for 83,000 Mainers alongside millions of Americans across the country. In Maine, repeal of the law could lead to a 164% increase in uninsured Mainers.

PROMISE: Trump would “beat China” on trade. [Campaign Launch, 2015]

REALITY: He has spent his presidency enacting harmful trade policies which have been disastrous for American workers. While Trump has gotten no closer to “beating” China on trade, he has  “upended” Maine’s vital lobster industry and Maine’s wild blueberry market has “nearly vanished.” 

PROMISE: Trump would be different from other politicians because “they’re controlled fully...by the special interests.” [Campaign Launch, 2015]

REALITY: While in office, Trump’s signature accomplishment has been a massive tax cut that overwhelmingly benefitted the exact corporations that supported his campaign. While corporations saved more than $91 billion in taxes after the tax bill became law, tens of thousands of Maine families have seen their taxes increase. What’s more, the tax bill caused Mainers’ health care premiums to spike, created a marriage penalty, and paved the way for the Republican lawsuit to overturn the ACA