Westbrook, MAINE – In recognition of Equal Pay Day, Democratic State Senator Cathy Breen announced today her intention to reintroduce next session legislation she authored that would help address pay inequity in Maine. Senator Breen had successfully shepherded the bill through the State Legislature last year only to have it vetoed by Republican Governor Paul LePage.

Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett issued the following statement calling on the Republican gubernatorial candidates to declare their support for equal pay by backing Senator Breen’s bill:

          “Senator Breen has been a longtime champion and tireless advocate for ensuring that every woman in the state of Maine is paid what she deserves and nothing less. Last year, were it not for Governor LePage and Republicans in the Senate, Maine would have been a leader in correcting the serious issue of pay inequity.

          “Senator Breen announced today her intention to reintroduce her bill again next year – and today, the Maine Democratic Party is calling on all the Republican gubernatorial candidates to back it. Maine people deserve to know whether or not they will support Democrats’ efforts to guarantee that Maine women receive the compensation that they deserve.”