Westbrook, MAINE – Throughout his primary campaign, Shawn Moody used every dodge in the book to avoid answering questions or taking stances on issues that matter to Maine families. In fact, the Bangor Daily News called Moody “light on policy” and said his campaign “has yielded few specific planks.” One Maine columnist even said Moody “has been studying at the Bruce Poliquin Duck-and-Cover School of Political Evasion” and that he was “not sure Moody knows what he really thinks.”

But now that Moody has advanced to the general election, he must answer questions. It’s time for Silent Shawn to speak up. That’s why the Maine Democratic Party will be asking Moody one key question a day for the next five days. Maine people deserve to know where Moody stands on issues.

Today’s question: health care.

Moody has shown that, like Governor LePage, he’s no friend of affordable, accessible health care. Last week, Moody bluntly said that health care is a privilege. He also pledged to fight to repeal Medicaid expansion and he has railed against the Affordable Care Act

So, then, does Shawn Moody support the federal lawsuit backed by Governor LePage that undermines the Affordable Care Act and chips away at critical protections for pre-existing conditions?

        “Shawn Moody has fought against affordable, accessible health care by railing against the Affordable Care Act, pledging to repeal voter-approved Medicaid expansion, and declaring health care a privilege, not a human right,” said Phil Bartlett, Chairman of the Maine Democratic Party. “So does Moody also believe that people with pre-existing conditions should not be protected? Does he, like Governor LePage, support the federal lawsuit chipping away at the Affordable Care Act and undermining these critical protections? Or does he stand with Maine people and their ability to access high-quality, affordable health care for themselves and their family.”