Westbrook, MAINE – Republican candidate for governor Shawn Moody continues to show just how far he’s willing to go in order to stick with Governor Paul LePage and his hardline, ideologically-driven position of Medicaid expansion. After LePage yesterday asked the federal government to deny the request his Administration submitted to expand Medicaid to more than 70,000 Mainers, Moody said he was okay with it. Moody’s campaign manager, Lauren LePage, told the Portland Press Herald that Moody would not expand Medicaid unless the funding specifications outlined by Governor LePage were met.

“When Governor LePage says jump, Shawn Moody asks how high. Moody has stood with Governor LePage in opposing Medicaid expansion every step of the way, and he’s not shy about the fact that he will continue to block the voter-approved law if he’s elected governor,” said Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett. “Mainers are tired of waiting for health care, and they made that clear at the ballot box when they overwhelmingly voted to approve Medicaid expansion. The last thing we need is another obstructionist, ideologically driven governor that openly ignores the will of the voters.”

“This is yet another reason Mainers need Janet Mills as their governor,” Bartlett continued. “Janet wants to honor the will of Mainers and move forward with the implementation of Medicaid expansion. She knows that it will make Mainers healthier and be a substantial boost for our economy. Shawn Moody just doesn’t get it.”

Moody has previously said that he would fight to repeal Medicaid expansion as governor and that “we can’t let [Expansion] happen.” Meanwhile, Janet Mills has said that she will implement Medicaid expansion on Day 1 of her Administration and, as Attorney General, she even secured $35 million in funding to help begin implementation.