Westbrook, MAINE – Republican gubernatorial nominee Shawn Moody spent months during the primary touting his business experience and comparing himself to President Donald Trump and Governor Paul LePage, saying, “When you look at Governor LePage, he’s an outsider, he’s a businessman. President Trump is an outsider, businessman. I’m an outsider. I’m a businessman.”

Well, as a businessman, Shawn Moody would know that certainty is crucial to the success of businesses across the state – which is why the Maine Democratic Party yesterday called on Moody to tell Governor LePage to approve the sale of bonds to fund construction projects across the state.

Moody, however, remained silent.

Meanwhile, “businessman” Governor LePage is creating severe uncertainty, hurting Maine businesses and jobs:

Associated Press: “Contractors say he's causing uncertainty in the height of Maine's construction season.”

Bangor Daily News: “The Republican governor’s apparent opposition to the bonds was a stunning move that sent a shock through the state’s construction industry and threatens to disrupt a short construction season…”

Portland Press Herald: “But if LePage does not authorize the sale of new bonds within five weeks, that funding would run short and payments to contractors would be delayed. ‘It sounds like they are working out some agreements,’ Marks said. ‘But it has been a lot of anxiety still.’”

Maine Public: “That won’t happen now, and the state will lose interest on that money. Hayes said the state government will likely have to pay a little more now to borrow through bonding because of the uncertainty LePage has caused.”