This week, the big business lobbying group behind the dark money PAC propping up Senator Susan Collins’ campaign gave Collins an award for her supposed bipartisanship, despite the fact that she’s voted with Donald Trump more than any other president during her Senate tenure.


The Chamber of Commerce has a vested interest in keeping Senator Collins in Congress. She supported the 2017 tax law that allowed corporate special interests to reap billions of dollars while causing health care premiums to spike for families in Maine and paving the way for the Republican lawsuit to tear down the entire Affordable Care Act. Given Collins’ history of support for corporate special interests, it’s no wonder the Chamber is returning the favor by backing 1820 PAC, the dark money group providing “major air cover” for her campaign.


“Senator Collins’ claims of bipartisanship don’t hold up to even a superficial level examination of her record,” said Maine Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Marra. “It’s obvious that Collins is more focused on taking care of the corporate special interests backing her campaign than the Mainers that she was elected to serve. That’s why groups like the Chamber are spending big to mislead voters about her record and keep her in office: they know she’s a reliable vote to protect their bottom line.”