Collins Starts Recess Facing Scrutiny Over Anti-Choice Judges, Tax Bill Vote, Response to Mass Shootings 

Collins attended a high-dollar fundraiser hosted by “Trump’s judge whisperer,” was called out for false argument that the GOP tax giveaway to corporations and the rich would spur economic growth, and faced protests from Mainers


As her approval rating among Mainers falls to an "all-time low," Senator Susan Collins is facing a slew of negative coverage at the start of August recess. Over the past week, Senator Collins held a high-dollar fundraiser for her campaign hosted by “Trump’s judge whisperer” who is the nation’s top anti-choice judicial activist, she was called out by the editorial board of one of Maine’s largest newspapers for her false argument that the Republican tax law she voted for would pay for itself, faced protests from Mainers calling on her to do more to combat the threat of domestic terrorism.

Senator Collins attended a fundraiser hosted by Leonard Leo, the architect of Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination campaign who also leads a web of right-wing dark money groups:

  • Maine Public: Collins Greeted By Protesters Outside Fundraiser Hosted By Trump's 'Judge Whisperer'
  • Portland Press Herald: Protesters greet Collins before fundraiser at Mount Desert Island home
  • Bangor Daily News: Protesters met Susan Collins outside a fundraiser hosted by Trump’s ‘judge whisperer’
  • Maine Beacon: Collins attends fundraiser at $4m mansion of nation’s top anti-choice judicial activist

Portland Press Herald editorial called out Senator Collins for false argument that tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy would pay for itself through economic growth: 

  • ​​​​​​​Portland Press Herald: Our View: Deficit would be zero if not for tax cut"
    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​"What’s running up the debt is not out-of-balance spending but revenue collections that don’t keep up with inflation. And for that we can thank the Republican tax reform package that was pushed through on a partisan basis in 2017. Predictions that cutting taxes on corporations, wealthy families and individuals would spur enough economic growth to increase tax collections – an argument made by Maine Sen. Susan Collins and others – turned out to be wrong. The economy grew, but tax revenues did not." 

Protestors called on Senator Collins to do more to combat the rise of domestic terrorism, which came right after she denied that Trump's rhetoric emboldens white supremacists: 

  • Maine Public: Portland Protesters Urge Susan Collins To Take Action On Domestic Terrorism
  • Maine Public: "Collins was also asked a broader question: does she believe that the president's rhetoric has emboldened white supremacists? 'I don't.'"

Senator Collins was criticized for inadequate response to series of mass shootings: 

  • ThinkProgress: Susan Collins has a predictably pathetic response to El Paso and Dayton shootings
    • “Amid calls for action to stop gun violence and mass shootings, she told right-wing radio host Hugh Hewitt on Wednesday that it is ‘extremely disappointing’ that Americans want action now.”
  • Maine Beacon: Collins dodges questions on gun reform, advocates say it’s part of a pattern
    • "After capturing headlines earlier this week for calling on federal lawmakers to 'come together' on gun reform, Senator Susan Collins dodged questions from a group of Mainers Tuesday when they attempted to ask what exactly she intends to do if Republican Senate leadership blocks the proposed reforms."