Collins Staffer Admits Campaign is “Working Very Closely” with Trump Administration
Collins Staffer says the campaign is “working very closely” with the Trump Administration but she hasn’t said if she will support Trump’s reelection
Collins had already supported over 95 percent of Trump’s judicial nominees & voted with him for the “corporate giveaway” tax bill

According to a new report, a staffer for Senator Susan Collins said they’re “working very closely” with the Trump Administration on her reelection. Senator Collins has been a reliable vote for the president and her party: voting for a tax bill that overwhelmingly benefitted corporations whileincreasing health care premiums on Mainers, repeatedly voting to repeal health care and protections for pre-existing conditions, and raisingspecial interest cash almost exclusively outside of Maine.

Recent polling found approval rating is at an "all-time low" and "her net approval has fallen by 27 points over the last two years."

Below are some highlights from the report:
  • "The Senator's campaign is just up and running a little bit, just on the fundraising side, but we don't have a real campaign staff."
  • "We're gonna have to deal with ranked choice. There's no way around it. And we all know what happened to Bruce Poliquin. ... She will have to get over 50%, because if she doesn't get over 50% and there's more than one Democrat in the race, then she will go down just like Bruce Poliquin did."
  • "There are now 27% Republicans, 33% Democrats, and 35% Independents. That's a big change."
  • "We are working very closely with the National Republican Committee, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, the Trump administration, the Maine Republican Party”
  • When a questioner asked about Senator Collins' promise to term limit herself to two terms, the staffer said, "She did say when she ran that she was only going to serve two terms. And once she got into office, she realized how important seniority was. ... You're right, she did raise that issue, and she's had second thoughts about it, but that's why she decided to stay. ... It was probably a misjudgment."