Augusta, Maine -- Ahead of a possible final vote on the GOP tax plan today, Maine Democratic Party Chair Phil Bartlett released the following statement renewing his call for Senator Susan Collins to oppose it:

"Three months ago, Mainers cheered when Senator Collins voted no on the GOP’s effort to take away their health care. But if Senator Collins votes in favor of the Republican tax scam today, then she will erase that vote.

“By voting in favor of the Republican tax plan, she will not only gut the Affordable Care Act and jeopardize health care for hundreds of thousands of Mainers, but she will also be giving away massive amounts of money to millionaires, billionaires, and corporations when it’s hard-working Maine families who deserve and could benefit the most from real tax relief.

“I said weeks ago that Maine people will judge Senator Collins not on her words, but on her vote. I hope she remembers that today. Working Maine families will be hurt by higher health care costs and higher taxes if she doesn’t."