“Gov. Mills [has] done as much as anybody to protect the interests of Maine lobster”

In case you missed it, this weekend the Portland Press Herald Editorial Board blasted Paul LePage and his allies in the Maine GOP for “absurd” attacks against the record of Governor Mills and other Maine Democrats of protecting Maine’s lobster industry.

According to the Editorial Board,

Republicans seeking office against incumbent Democrats saw an opening in the threats to the lobster industry and are trying to exploit it. Again and again, they’ve gone too far.

Ed Thelander, who is running in the 1st Congressional District against Chellie Pingree, was forced to apologize after he said that federal regulators were trying to “rape” lobstermen. Poliquin and Paul LePage say that Democrats are lying about their support for lobster fishing and are working in the shadows to destroy it, all because of their work with environmental groups also worried about the future of the Gulf of Maine.

That’s absurd, particularly coming from people who have fought conservation and clean energy, held funding back from working waterfronts and called for oil drilling off the Maine coast.

The editorial also praised Governor Mills for her work to protect the lobster industry:

Gov. Mills [has] done as much as anybody to protect the interests of Maine lobster. The difference between their position and that of their opponents is that theirs is based in reality, where competing points of view over the future of the Gulf of Maine have to be considered and reconciled in order to get the best outcome for everyone.

Read the full editorial here.