Today, on the 14th anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, the Maine Democratic Party released the following statement highlighting what’s at stake for Mainers' health care this November:

Hundreds of thousands of Mainers now have access to quality and affordable healthcare as a result of the Affordable Care Act, signed into law 14 years ago today. Donald Trump has promised that if he gets another term he will rip away Maine families’ access to this critical care. If he gets his way, 159,000 Mainers’ health insurance coverage would be at risk, and an additional 268,000 Mainers could lose critical services, or could even lose coverage altogether. 23,000 Maine seniors and people with disabilities could receive worse care with no way to help manage their costs.”

“The choice this November is a stark contrast between President Biden, who has bolstered the ACA to lower costs for Mainers - especially Maine’s seniors, and expand access to health care, and Donald Trump, who is campaigning to eliminate access to care with devastating impacts on Mainers’ health. The stakes are immensely high, and the only way to protect our health care is to reelect President Biden and Vice President Harris.”