It’s been one week since Senator Susan Collins told CNN that she “already answered that question” after refusing to say how she voted in Maine’s presidential primary. Seven days later, Mainers are still waiting for answers to basic questions from their Senator, which she’s refusing to provide.


Senator Collins’ avoidance of questions from Mainers about her presidential vote is a dramatic shift from her position in 2016, when she endorsed Jeb Bush in the primary and wrote an op-ed about why she couldn’t support Donald Trump in the general election. Collins must come clean with Mainers about how she voted in last week’s primary, as well as answer the following questions:


  1. Why have you made endorsements in presidential elections dating back to 1996, but refused to share your position with Mainers this year? What changed?


  1. If you won’t say whether you voted for President Trump, why are you accepting re-election help from his campaign and why have you voted with him 94% of the time?


  1. Were you one of the more than 300 Bangor Republican voters who left the president section of their ballot blank?


  1. Will you be voting for Donald Trump in the general election?


  1. Why have you refused to hold a town hall meeting to answer these and other important questions from Mainers?