With just 34 days remaining for Republicans to file to primary Senator Susan Collins, the countdown clock ticks down the seconds as Maine Democrats monitor whether Collins will be willing to publicly announce her support for Donald Trump’s re-election.


With news breaking this week that the Trump administration is trying to “fill the massive hole” created by the Collins-backed GOP tax giveaway with cuts to Medicare and the Children's Health Insurance Program it’s clearer than ever that Collins is in lock-step with Trump on policy priorities. But Collins still refuses to answer Mainers who want to know whether she’ll be voting to re-elect Donald Trump.


What we do know is:


1) According to CQ, Senator Collins voted with Donald Trump 94% of the time.


2) Senator Collins has been a key vote for Donald Trump on everything from the tax plan that gave corporations and the wealthy trillions in tax breaks to the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh and every one of Trump’s judicial nominees in 2017 and 2018 -- even those “deemed unqualified by the American Bar Association.”  Just last week she joined with Mitch McConnell to acquit Trump in the impeachment trial, after voting 12 times against including witnesses and evidence.


3) Donald Trump has said he's 100% behind Senator Collins' reelection


4) Staffers for the president’s reelection campaign “worked to get her on the ballot” by collecting signatures door-to-door and at Trump events. 


It’s past time she gave us an answer about who she’ll be voting for this year.