Make your voice heard by writing a letter to the editor supporting Democratic values, policies, or candidates. Try to inform and educate readers, and to provide fact-based arguments in addition to sharing your own story. Remember: these are short and to the point. Each paper has its own submission guidelines.

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Sample Letter

I want to applaud Rep. Chellie Pingree for her courage and good work in standing up to Republican efforts to cut Medicaid, SNAP, and other anti-poverty programs. Rep. Pingree - since day one - has been a champion of programs that lift people out of poverty, put them back to work, and help them regain a foothold in the middle class.

In fact, because of this work, Rep. Pingree will be recognized nationally next week by the James Beard Foundation. Mainers should feel proud that Rep. Pingree is representing them in Washington. I know I am.

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