State delegates elected a number of important Democratic Party positions May 29-31 on the state and national level. The positions elected include:

Democratic State Committee members

Every county in Maine gets a certain number of representatives to the Democratic State Committee (DSC). The DSC makes all the major decisions about how the Maine Democratic Party runs. It meets six times each year, with approximately half the meetings taking place in Augusta. The DSC is served by the Executive Committee, the Finance Committee, the Rules Committee, and by a committee made up of Democratic county party chairs.

Each county has earned the following number of seats on the State Committee for the 2020-2022 term:

Androscoggin 5
Aroostook 4
Cumberland 13
Franklin 3
Hancock 4
Kennebec 5
Knox 3
Lincoln 3
Oxford 3
Penobscot 6
Piscataquis 2
Sagadahoc 3
Somerset 3
Waldo 3
Washington 3
York 8

You can view all the DSC members elected by clicking here.

Democratic National Committee Representatives

Congratulations to our new Democratic National Committee (DNC) representatives Drew Gattine and Rachel Talbot Ross! And a big thanks to Troy Jackson and Diane Denk for their past service in these positions.

The DNC makes all the major decisions about how the national Democratic Party runs. The DNC meets twice a year, once in the Washington, DC area and once at locations across the country. Its Eastern Regional caucus also meets once a year. DNC representatives are also de facto members of the Democratic State Committee and the Executive Committee. They are responsible for reporting back to the DSC and the Executive Committee on DNC matters.

DNC Representatives begin their four-year term the day the 2020 Democratic National Convention adjourns. The term ends on the day the 2024 Democratic National Convention adjourns.

Delegates to the National Convention

Congratulations to the winners of Maine’s 24 pledged delegate seats to the Democratic National Convention! You can view Maine’s delegation by clicking here.

In addition to the exciting process of electing the 2020 Democratic Presidential and Vice Presidential nominees, the delegates to the National Convention will also propose amendments to and ratify the Democratic National Party Platform. There are also many workshops, parties, and exciting opportunities to meet Democratic Party leaders. Visit the Delegate Selection Plan page for additional information on participating in the National Convention.

Presidential Electors

Congratulations to those elected as presidential electors! You can view the results of the presidential electors election by clicking here.

Presidential electors cast Maine’s electoral college votes following the next presidential election. They meet in Augusta at the State Capital for this ceremonial exercise. Presidential electors are required to cast their votes in accordance with the results of the state’s presidential election results.