At the Maine State Convention, state delegates elect a number of important Democratic Party positions on the state and national level. Any Democrat can run for these positions! You do not need any special position or status, to have gone to your municipal caucus, or to be a state delegate. But you do need to start the process long before the State Convention. The positions elected include:

  • Democratic State Committee members: Every county in Maine gets a certain number of representatives to the Democratic State Committee (DSC). The DSC makes all the major decisions about how the Maine Democratic Party runs.
  • Democratic National Committee members: Maine is entitled to two representatives to the Democratic National Committee (DNC). The DNC makes all the major decisions about how the national Democratic Party runs.
  • Delegates to the National Convention: Maine is entitled to 24 pledged delegate seats at the Democratic National Convention. These seats will be distributed to presidential candidates based on the March 3 primary results. People who run for national delegate run for a specific category (First Congressional District, 2nd Congressional District, At-Large, or Party Leaders & Elected Officials), and a specific candidate who won national delegate seats in that category. If elected, they are bound to vote for that candidate at the Democratic National Convention.
  • Presidential Electors: Presidential electors cast Maine’s electoral college votes following the next presidential election. They meet in Augusta at the State Capital for this ceremonial exercise. Presidential electors are required to cast their votes in accordance with the results of the state’s presidential election results.

In order to get on the State Convention ballot, you will need to collect signatures on a ballot petition for the position you are pursuing. The number of signatures and who you collect them from varies by position. We have worked to make this process as user-friendly as possible. You can find ballot petitions here, or at the Maine Democratic Party office on 320 Water St., 3rd Floor, in Augusta.

You can campaign and collect signatures by attending County Committee and Maine Democratic Party meetings and events, and by enrolling in our Petitions Tools system.

Ballot petitions are due May 15 at the MDP office at 320 Water St. in Augusta. Papers must be physically mailed or dropped off, and must be actually received by May 15 (not just postmarked).

Good luck!