Maine Federation of Democratic Women: Founding Celebration & First Meeting

You're Invited!


Join the Maine Democratic Party for this fun house party as we help celebrate the founding of the Maine Federation of Democratic Women and hold its very first meeting!

Enjoy food and drinks, socialize with other Democrats who are passionate about reproductive rights and women’s issues, and have a chance to hear from founding members, including Governor Janet Mills, and Speaker Rachel Talbot Ross!

We’re so excited for Maine to join the National Federation of Democratic Women, the DNC’s official organization for women’s issues, and to partner with the new Maine chapter to create opportunities for Maine women to lead within the Democratic Party and beyond.


Featured Founders:

Governor Janet Mills

Speaker Rachel Talbot Ross


Date: Saturday, April 6th

Time: 3:00 - 5:00 PM

Location: The home of Barbara Cray on Westport Island. (The address will be provided with your registration confirmation.)


Founding Members: 

Governor Janet Mills,  Congresswoman Chellie Pingree,  Speaker Rachel Talbot Ross,  Maine Democratic Party Chair Bev Uhlenhake,  Senate Majority Leader Eloise Vitelli,  Assistant Senate Majority Leader Mattie Daughtry,  House Majority Leader Maureen Terry,  Assistant House Majority Kristen Cloutier,  Sen. Pinny Beebe-Center,  Sen. Stacy Brenner,  Sen. Anne Carney,  Sen. Jill Duson,  Rep. Mana Abdi,  Rep. Poppy Arford,  Rep. Lydia Crafts,  Rep. Deqa Dhalac,  Rep. Victoria Doudera,  Rep. Jessica Fay,  Rep. Valli Geiger,  Rep. Traci Gere,  Rep. Cheryl Golek,    Rep. Lori Gramlich,  Rep. Amy Kuhn,  Rep. Kristi Mathieson,    Rep. Ann Matlack,  Rep. Michele Meyer,  Rep. Rebecca Millett,  Rep. Kelly Murphy,  Rep. Laurie Osher,  Rep. Amy Roeder,  Rep. Melanie Sachs,  Rep. Holly Stover,  Laura Fortman,  Barbara Cray,  Jill Barkley Roy,  Emily Cain