Another setback for Senator Susan Collins came yesterday as Republican Senator Mitt Romney voted to convict President Trump for abuse of power, revealing Collins’ failure to hold the president accountable as a craven political decision. The fallout follows scrutiny of Senator Collins’ inexplicable comments that she acquitted the president because he had learned a “pretty big lesson” -- a belief he dismissed hours later when he insisted he did nothing wrong.


Here’s what they’re saying about Senator Collins’ refusal to uphold the rule of law:


Portland Press Herald: Our View: Collins, Republicans vote to enable Trump

“Collins and other Republicans have said that it’s not the Senate’s job but the voters’ to decide whether Trump belongs in office. That notion was refuted by her colleague Mitt Romney of Utah, who was the only Republican to vote for conviction. ‘This verdict is ours to render,’ Romney said. ‘The people will judge us for how well and faithfully we fulfilled our duty.’ Like King’s remarks, Romney was speaking to history as much as he was explaining his vote to his constituents. The record will show that the Senate had a chance to stop a reckless president who recognizes no limits to his power, but too few were willing to stand in his way.”





“Just a few short years ago, as Susan Collins touted on her own website, a Morning Consult poll found she was the second most popular Senator in the United States in their home state. More recently Morning Consult found that she is now the least popular Senator, just ahead of second place finish Mitch McConnell [...] And now she’s wrestled mightily to kind of have it both ways on impeachment but has voted exactly along the MAGA party line -- unlike Mitt Romney.” --Chris Hayes