Senator Susan Collins is still refusing to answer questions about her assessment of Amy Coney Barrett’s qualifications as a judge and making it crystal clear that her vote has nothing to do with Barrett’s anti-health care, anti-choice, and anti-LGBTQ+ equality positions, and has everything to do with a craven political calculation to win over voters who feel betrayed by her allegiance to Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell.


Of course, Senator Collins already evaluated Barrett’s record of criticizing the decision that saved the Affordable Care Act, opposing marriage equality, and arguing that abortion is “always immoral” when Collins confirmed Barrett to the Seventh Circuit and put her in position to be elevated all the way to the Supreme Court.


This time around, Collins waited until after McConnell had already locked down all of the votes he needed to guarantee that Barret would be confirmed before she announced how she would be voting. Once it was clear that her vote would have no impact on the outcome, Collins got a hall pass to oppose Barrett’s nomination. Now, even the staunchest conservatives are admitting that Collins’ vote is just about getting reelected, because they know that when her vote really matters, she will always fall in line with McConnell and Trump.

“Mainers already know that Senator Collins thinks Amy Coney Barrett is qualified to make judgements about our rights and whether or not we have access to health care, and we’re not buying her last minute political game,” said Maine Democratic Party Executive Director Lisa Roberts. “Collins has never cast a deciding vote against a Trump judge—we know that when Mitch McConnell really needs her, she’s willing to throw Mainers under the bus.”