As Mitch McConnell sends in the dark money cavalry to try to prop up Senator Collins’ flailing campaign by spreading lies about Sara Gideon’s record, they can’t even be bothered to find an actual Mainer to repeat their false attacks. After making headlines earlier this week for using the same actors in attack ads in Iowa and Kansas, today McConnell-aligned Senate Leadership Fund launched a new ad featuring, you guessed it, the exact same actress, this time sporting a flannel and posing as a Mainer.



Senate Leadership Fund Attack Ad In Maine



Senate Leadership Fund Attack Ad In Iowa



American Crossroads Attack Ad In Kansas


McConnell and his allies have spent tens of millions of dollars to flood Maine’s airwaves with false attacks, and it’s never been clearer that they’re completely out of step with real Mainers.

“Putting a flannel shirt on an out-of-state actor doesn’t make them any more in touch with Maine values, and no matter how much money Mitch McConnell and his allies spend on false attacks to boost Senator Collins’ campaign, they can’t erase her record of voting to put Mainers’ health care and rights at risk,” said Maine Democratic Party Executive Director Lisa Roberts. “This year, voters are ready to elect a Senator who will work for us, not her party bosses.”