After 673 days of Senator Susan Collins avoiding questions about her support for Donald Trump, today Trump Maine Campaign Chair Paul LePage gave away the store. At a campaign rally featuring Mike Pence in Hermon, LePage urged Trump supporters to send Collins back to the Senate to retain a Republican majority that can “help President Trump run the country.”





LePage: “We need Senator Collins back in Washington. I’ve had so many folks tell me ‘Oh it's over for her.’ It's not over for her. We need the Senate to help President Trump run the country.”


It’s been clear for a long time that team Trump is all-in on Senator Collins. Trump himself has said that he’s “100%” behind Collins’ reelection and Maine GOP Chair Demi Kouzounas let it slip that Trump and Collins “both support each other.” That’s because Trump knows he needs Senator Collins’ vote in the Senate to continue to advance his extreme agenda. According to CQ, Collins voted with Trump 94% of the time, and in the first two years of his presidency Collins voted to confirm every single one of his right-wing judicial nominees.


“Paul LePage actually got this one right – sending Senator Collins back to Washington will only help Donald Trump,” said Maine Democratic Party Executive Director Lisa Roberts. “That’s why Trump’s biggest boosters and donors are doing everything they can to get Collins reelected — they need her vote to support Trump’s agenda in the Senate and keep Mitch McConnell in the driver’s seat.”