Today, the Maine AFL-CIO announced they are endorsing Governor Janet Mills for re-election. In the endorsement, Maine AFL-CIO President Cynthia Phinney celebrated Governor Mills because she will “work with us collaboratively and in good faith to support working people and our unions so we can continue to build our power in the labor movement.” Phinney cited her work on expanding paid leave and health care coverage, and increases in pension, unemployment, and workers compensation benefits.

The Maine AFL-CIO also slammed former Governor Paul LePage for fighting with Maine workers and pushing right-to-work laws:

We know from previous experience that if Paul LePage wins in November, he will work to undo all of our recent victories and continue to push policies to break our unions and destroy our ability to organize and fight for better wages, dignity and a seat at the table for working people. He will continue to push “right to work for less” bills to weaken unions. We must not go back.

Read the full Maine AFL-CIO endorsement here and their video about why Paul LePage is bad for Maine workers here. You can also read more from the Maine Democratic Party on Paul LePage’s anti-worker record here.