Last night, Senator Collins was asked if she believes that her pivotal vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh “reflected the will of Maine people.” In response, Collins laughed and said she “didn’t take a poll” when making her decision to install Kavanaugh in a lifetime seat on the most powerful court in the country.





But Senator Collins didn’t need to take a poll – Mainers worked very hard to make Senator Collins hear their concerns about Brett Kavanaugh, but she wasn’t willing to listen.


Here’s just a few examples of how Mainers tried to ensure that Senator Collins would know the will of the voters before she voted for Brett Kavanaugh:


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“Senator Collins may think that the idea of listening to her constituents and taking our concerns seriously is a laughing matter, but I can assure you that there was no shortage of ways for her to learn how Mainers felt about Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination,” said Maine Democratic Party Executive Director Lisa Roberts. “We called, we wrote letters, we marched in the streets, and many of us even travelled to her office to plead with her to protect our rights and our health care but after 24 years in Washington, Collins has no trouble choosing fealty to Mitch McConnell over respecting the wishes of Maine people.”