Last night, Senator Susan Collins was asked to respond directly to Donald Trump’s admission that he lied to the American people about the severity of the coronavirus, and she refused to disavow the president’s actions.





Collins also tried to rewrite her history of defending Trump’s response to the pandemic. Collins claimed that she’d called the president’s performance “uneven” from the very beginning. But in reality, she spent much of the spring defending Trump’s early response to the pandemic, telling the Bangor Daily News in April that he “did a lot that was right.” And as recently as last week, she doubled down on her defense of Trump saying he, “has done some things right.”


The truth is that throughout this crisis, Senator Collins has ignored Donald Trump’s disastrous mismanagement and consistent lies about the dangers posed by the coronavirus pandemic. She has refused to hold him accountable at every turn, even when his actions have put American lives at risk.