Once again last night, Senator Susan Collins refused to give an honest answer about whether she’ll be voting to reelect Donald Trump.





Despite the fact that Trump is “100%” behind her reelection, Senator Collins thinks she can get away with refusing to be honest about her support for him. But voters don’t need to look any further than Collins’ record in the Senate to see that if reelected, she’ll continue to be a rubber stamp for Trump’s extreme agenda. Senator Collins has voted with Trump 94% of the time, and she let him off the hook in the impeachment trial after voting a dozen times to block key witnesses and evidence—and if reelected she’ll continue to shield Trump from accountability.


“Mainers deserve to know whether Senator Collins thinks Donald Trump should lead this country for four more years, but it seems that Collins has committed herself to misleading voters all the way to election day,” said Maine Democratic Party Executive Director Lisa Roberts. “It’s not a lot to ask for our representatives to tell the truth about who they think should be our commander-in-chief, but Senator Collins is failing to even clear that very low bar.”