In case you missed it, today the editorial board of the Courier-Gazette, the Rockland area’s local paper, blasted Paul LePage for his comments sowing distrust in the city’s election system. According to the editorial board,

“Recent statements by former Gov. Paul LePage questioning Rockland’s election integrity are irresponsible and unbecoming in a former governor, much less someone who is currently seeking the state’s highest office…LePage sounds like someone who has never even set foot in Rockland. He is certainly out of touch with what is important to us here — a strong sense of community.

The editorial also cast doubts on LePage’s ability to lead the state:

“The use of the big lie and other such tactics is trying to make short-term political gains by playing on people’s fear and driving further division. We have had quite enough of that in Maine and in the nation…A true leader knows the difference between a win through legitimate process and a grenade in the gears because you do not like the outcome of one election. If you also expect this from a leader, keep it in mind as you go to the polls in November.

The Courier-Gazette is just the latest outlet to call out LePage for his dangerous and dishonest claims about voter fraud:

Read the full editorial here.