Collins has already requested an absentee ballot to vote in the presidential election, but continues to dodge questions about who she’s supporting


Tonight, Senator Susan Collins will take the debate stage for the fifth and final time in this race, giving her one last opportunity to be honest with Mainers about her support for Donald Trump. She has refused to tell her constituents whether she’s voting for Trump for 682 days, and with less than a week until the election and her absentee ballot in hand, it’s becoming more and more obvious that she has no plan to answer this simple question.


Collins has refused opportunity after opportunity to tell Mainers how she will be voting in this election because she’s made a political calculation that she shouldn’t be honest about her support for Trump. But while she may go up on the stage tonight and duck the question once again, her record in the Senate tells voters everything they need to know:




  • Senator Collins has consistently helped shield Trump from accountability, including voting a dozen times to block witnesses and evidence before she voted to acquit him on all charges in the Senate impeachment trial.



“Tonight Senator Collins has one last shot to tell Mainers about her support for Donald Trump,” said Maine Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Marra. “While it’s likely that she’ll continue to do everything in her power to avoid telling the truth, Mainers won’t be fooled. We know that Collins has spent the last four years enabling the disastrous leadership of President Trump, and are ready to send them both home on Tuesday.”