Collins has already requested an absentee ballot to vote in the presidential election, but continues to dodge questions about who she’s supporting


Joe DiMaggioCal Ripken JrBrett Favre. Each one known for an impressive streak that thrilled the nation and secured a spot in their respective Halls of Fame. Now, as Senator Susan Collins enters her 680th straight day of refusing to be honest with Mainers about who she’s voting for in the 2020 election, it’s clear that she aspires to be listed as a permanent fixture among those greatest streaks of all time.


However, unlike DiMaggio, Ripken, and Favre, who kept up their impressive streaks due to incredible feats of athleticism, Collins has kept hers going for the sake of a craven political calculation that she doesn’t want Mainers to know about her support for Donald Trump. But no matter how long she keeps up her Hall of Fame worthy streak, she won’t be able to hide her record from the last four years, which tells Mainers all they need to know:




  • Senator Collins has consistently helped shield Trump from accountability, including voting a dozen times to block witnesses and evidence before she voted to acquit him on all charges in the Senate impeachment trial.



“Senator Collins has taken political cowardice to new heights, but Mainers want a Senator who will tell us the truth,” said Maine Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Marra. “There is simply nothing that Collins can do to distract Mainers from her record of being a rubber stamp for the disasters of Donald Trump’s presidency. That’s why next year, although her refusals to be honest with Mainers may continue, her time in the Senate won’t.”