Collins spent the week refusing to repudiate Trump for behavior she’s criticized in the past, and again refused to answer a question that she’s answered in every presidential election for the last 24 years—what’s changed?

Senator Susan Collins had a banner week for refusing to condemn Donald Trump’s worst behavior. Check out how she’s been dodging questions about the president for the last seven days:


Refused To Repudiate Trump’s Attacks On Our Nation’s Fallen Heroes


More than a week after the Atlantic published a damning report that detailed Donald Trump referring to fallen American heroes as “losers” and “suckers,” Senator Collins has been silent on Trump’s remarks. But in 2016, Collins said that Trump’s attacks on the family of a fallen soldier were “the tipping point” in her decision to not support him.





Refused To Condemn Trump’s Lies To The American People About The Threat Posed By Coronavirus


Following the bombshell revelation that Trump intentionally misled the American public about the severity of the coronavirus crisis, Senator Collins refused to condemn the president’s actions. But in 2014, Collins didn’t hesitate to criticize Barack Obama’s response to the Ebola epidemic.





Refused AGAIN To Say Whether She’s Voting For Trump


And even though she has publicly declared her position in every previous presidential election since she first ran for Senate in 1996, this week Senator Collins again refused to give an honest answer about her support for Donald Trump.