Collins has already requested an absentee ballot to vote in the presidential election, but continues to dodge questions about who she’s supporting


Perhaps the most consequential presidential election in American history is just seven days away, and Senator Susan Collins has her absentee ballot in hand, but she still won’t tell Mainers who she is planning to vote for. It has been 681 days since she began refusing to be honest with Mainers about her support for President Trump, and it’s now clear that while she may cast her ballot in the next week, she will not be telling us how she filled it out.


Collins has kept her choice close to the vest for so long because she’s made a political calculation that being honest with Mainers is not in her best interest. However, even if she remains silent for the next week, one look at her record shows Mainers exactly who Collins will be supporting:




  • Senator Collins has consistently helped shield Trump from accountability, including voting a dozen times to block witnesses and evidence before she voted to acquit him on all charges in the Senate impeachment trial.



“It’s clear that Senator Collins plans on spending the next week refusing to be honest with Mainers about her support for Donald Trump,” said Maine Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Marra. “Fortunately, we will have no problem being honest with her when we vote her and the president whose right-wing agenda she has rubberstamped out of office next Tuesday.”