Last night, in the final debate of Maine’s U.S. Senate race, Senator Collins dodged questions about whether she believes Donald Trump deserves another term not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES—proving that she will evade even the most straightforward of questions.





Senator Collins' unwillingness to be honest with her constituents about an issue as important as who will be leading the country for the next four years is, to put it in terms that the Senator will understand, disappointing. Collins’ refusal to tell the truth about her presidential vote is based on nothing more than a craven political calculation that she’s got a better shot at reelection if she can mislead Mainers about her support for Donald Trump. Luckily for voters though, Collins’ record answers all the questions that she’s worked so hard to dodge:




  • Senator Collins has consistently helped shield Trump from accountability, including voting a dozen times to block witnesses and evidence before she voted to acquit him on all charges in the Senate impeachment trial.