Senator Collins’ latest dodge on Donald Trump is raising even more questions about how she’s voting. Today, Collins responded to criticisms of her refusal to tell Mainers who she’s voting for in this election by saying she’s “not taking a side in this election.”


But what does that mean? Is she leaving the presidential section of her ballot blank? Or is she picking a side and just refusing to tell Mainers how she’s voting?





In addition to refusing to say how she’s voting, Collins’ rambling response to why she’s changed her position from 2016 also included the dubious claim that the best way to help the state of Maine is “by concentrating on getting reelected.” At a time when communities across the state have been asking her to take action on more coronavirus relief, it’s telling that she thinks her campaign is more important than working for Mainers.


“Senator Collins is already involved in this presidential election — she’s supported Trump’s agenda and shielded him from accountability at every turn.” said Maine Democratic Party Executive Director Lisa Roberts. “It’s been clear for a long time that her refusal to answer questions about her vote were based on a craven political calculation but today’s comments were beyond ridiculous. We need a senator who’s fighting for Mainers, not just their own political future.”