Paul LePage said access to abortion should be restricted in a Christian Civic League of Maine candidate survey shared by Maine Democrats today.

In response to the Christian Civic League’s question, “Should access to abortion be restricted?” LePage clearly answered, “Yes”.

The response undercuts LePage’s claims that abortion laws would not change if he were reelected to an unprecedented third term and make clear that he supports efforts to restrict access to reproductive health care for women across Maine.

“In this survey, Paul LePage is admitting that he’s a threat to abortion rights in Maine,” said Drew Gattine, Chair of the Maine Democratic Party. “If re-elected, the question is not whether he’ll try to restrict access to abortion—it’s how far he will go. We can’t give LePage another chance to take away the freedoms that Mainers hold dear.”

LePage has said, “We should not have abortion” and has refused to say whether he would sign a bill restricting access to abortion. Now the answer is clear.

During his time in office, LePage cut $400,000 from Maine’s family planning program and tried to veto expanding access to reproductive health care for low-income Maine people.

In the survey, LePage also doubled down on his hostility towards renewable energy, his opposition to raising the minimum wage, and his support for the harmful, anti-LGBTQ+ practice of conversion therapy – continuing to prove that Paul LePage is the same person he’s always been.

Read the full survey here.