With 70 days left until Maine’s gubernatorial election, Paul LePage appears to be doing everything he possibly can to avoid answering questions from Maine’s press. Since taking questions from WABI on August 9th, 21 days ago, LePage has not taken a single question from Maine reporters, limiting his appearances to conservative radio and closed-press events. This is not a new tactic from LePage—he did the same during his campaign in 2010 when he avoided the press for almost a month.

So why exactly is LePage so intent on hiding from Maine’s reporters and voters?

  • Is it because he doesn’t want to talk about his plans for Mainers’ abortion rights?

  • Is it because he doesn’t want to be held accountable for his recent string of lies about everything from fentanyl to property taxes to voter fraud?

  • Is it because he doesn’t want to be asked about whether he’ll double down on the most destructive policies of his time in office, from blocking Medicaid expansion, to stopping climate action, to opposing expanded access to naloxone?

  • Is it because he doesn’t want to be asked why he threatened to “deck” a Maine Democratic Party staffer?

“Paul LePage’s campaign of lies, threats, and half-baked policy ideas has raised more questions than it’s answered, yet he’s reverting to his old tendency to avoid talking to the press at all costs,” said Drew Gattine, Chair of the Maine Democratic Party. “Mainers deserve a governor who isn’t afraid to answer questions about their plans for our state.”