At Trump's first State of the Union tonight, we can expect the President to pat himself on the back and attempt to explain away more of his broken campaign promises about helping the middle class and growing the economy. 

But we know the truth: President Trump and the Republican Party spent their first year in power trying to take health care away from millions by repealing the ACA. When that failed, they passed a massive tax giveaway to millionaires, billionaires, and corporations — money that would have been better used supporting hardworking middle-class Mainers. The American people deserve better.

In Trump’s first year as president:

Job growth slowed to a six-year low.

Offshoring of manufacturing jobs increased.

Our trade deficit with China grew.

Wage growth was stagnant.

Trump frequently tweets about gains in the stock market. But:

The stock market grew at a slower rate than it did during this period of Obama’s presidency.

Gains in the stock market primarily benefit the richest Americans.  The top 1% of Americans own more than 40% of our country’s stock, while less than 14% of households hold direct stock in any company and fewer than half own any stock at all.

Trump Is Not For American Workers:

Trump’s policies don’t raise wages and don’t create jobs:

The Trump tax may actually encourage companies to move jobs overseas.

Companies that Trump touted for giving bonuses to employees have been simultaneously laying off their workers.

Trump’s tax cuts for the wealthiest corporations will not go to workers - companies are already revealing they will use tax cuts from the Trump Tax to benefit their wealthy investors. (Meanwhile, Democratic-led efforts increased wages for 4.5 million workers in 18 states in 2018).

Trump repeatedly sided with the wealthiest corporations over workers:

Trump proposed cutting job training programs by 40%.

Trump overturned a rule that would have made it easier for workers to collectively bargain with big corporations.

Trump reversed a rule that would have helped millions get paid for overtime. 

Trump made it harder for Americans to save for retirement.

Trump proposed scrapping a requirement that companies disclose the pay ratio between chief executives and employees.

Trump rescinded a rule meant to protect workers from being cheated out of their wages, and one that prevented employers from stealing workers' tips.

Trump rolled back worker safety regulations aimed at reducing the number of workplace injuries and deaths.

Trump proposed eliminating funding for training grants for workers in dangerous jobs.

Trump Is Not For Middle-Class Families:

Trump’s only legislative achievement of 2017, the Trump Tax, will do damage to the middle class:

It gave a permanent tax cut to corporations while increasing taxes on the middle class.

The top 1% will get 83% of its benefits, while middle class taxes increase.

By 2027, taxes will rise for everyone earning under $75,000.  That’s about half of all U.S. tax filers.

Trump sabotaged health insurance markets and tried to repeal the Affordable Care Act, hurting millions of families across the country:

13 million will lose their insurance and premiums will increase by double digits, all because of Trump’s repeal of the ACA’s individual mandate.

Trump’s decision to stop paying cost-sharing reduction payments will lead to new premium increases for Americans.

Trump cut the 2018 open enrollment period in half.

Trump slashed millions of dollars from outreach programs and advertising aimed at enrolling people in Obamacare plans.

Trump limited and even abandoned state and community partnerships that have played a key role in enrolling harder-to-reach demographics.

Trump spent taxpayer resources to produce anti-ACA videos and scrubbed its website of useful consumer guidance on the ACA.

Trump has done virtually nothing to combat the opioid epidemic that impacts the lives of families across the country:

Despite declaring the opioid epidemic a national emergency, Trump has not proposed any new resources or spending.

Trump’s health care repeal would make the opioid epidemic even worse.

Trump has supported hundreds of billions in cuts to Medicaid, despite his repeated promises not to cut the program.

Trump ended an important tool to help the public get substance abuse treatment.

Trump and his administration have repeatedly sided against students and their families, making it more difficult for them to find careers and pay down their debt:

Trump dismantled policies that protected students from the predatory for-profit education industry.

Trump withdrew guidance intended to protect student loan borrowers.

Trump weakened the gainful employment rule, making it easier for career training programs to cheat students.

Trump eliminated a federal task force that cracked down on abuse at for-profit schools.

Our Path Forward:

Right now, we are dedicating our energy towards organizing and mobilizing our grassroots supporters across the state so that we can elect Democrats in 2018 and 2020.

Maine Democrats are going to do what President Trump, Governor LePage, and Republicans haven’t: empower middle-class folks and build a thriving, forward-looking economy that rewards determination and hard work with a good-paying job, affordable healthcare, and benefits that can support Mainers and their families.