New Poll: More Mainers Disapprove Than Approve of Collins – “biggest decline of anyone in the Senate”

Her net approval has fallen by 44 points since voting for corporate tax breaks, putting protections for pre-existing conditions coverage at risk & to affirm Trump’s nominees 

More Mainers disapprove than approve of the job Senator Susan Collins is doing according to a new poll released by Morning Consult, a dramatic shift that represents the “biggest decline of anyone in the Senate” -- with her approval falling by 16 points since March. The new data is part of a more troubling trend for Senator Collins: since voting for corporate tax breaks, putting protections for pre-existing conditions coverage at risk and to confirm Trump’s nominees, her approval has fallen 44 points. With this new polling, Senator Collins is rated as the second most unpopular Senator in the entire country. 

Morning Consult noted Senator Collins’s has lost support with “a critical voting block in the state” as more independent voters disapprove of her job performance than approve. Here are some other takeaways from their report:

  • Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) saw a 16-point drop in her net approval, the biggest decline of anyone in the Senate.
  • Collins’ net approval — the share of voters who approve of her job performance minus the share who disapprove — has fallen by 44 percentage points since the first quarter of 2017, when Trump took office. 
  • Forty-five percent of Mainers approve of Collins and 48 percent disapprove in the latest rankings, down 16 net points since quarter one of this year.

Senator Collins has let Mainers down. Every day I hear from voters who supported her in the past or who would have  been open to supporting her now but can't because of her actions over the past few years," said Maine Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Marra. "This new polling reflects the fact that we can't count on Senator Collins to be an independent advocate, she has chosen her party  and special interests in Washington over the people of Maine. She turned her back on all but the wealthy for a tax bill that rewarded corporations while threatening health care for everybody else. Mainers are fed up and ready for change." 

The new numbers follow reports on Senator Collins’s latest fundraising report: 95 percent of her campaign donations are from out-of-state. She has also been under scrutiny for supporting thelopsided giveaway to corporations” and threatening health care and protections for pre-existing conditions.