Once again, the Maine Democratic Party has caught Paul LePage lying.

In another new audio clip from a recent LePage campaign event released today by Maine Democrats, LePage is caught lying about Governor Mills’ record on taxes, saying:

"I just don't understand that the Democrats have to tax and tax and tax. And there isn't a tax that Janet Mills won't increase and collect and try to buy elections with. That's all she cares about."


But the truth is: Governor Mills has not raised taxes as governor. In fact, she has delivered unprecedented tax and inflation relief to Maine people and has increased Maine’s Rainy Day Fund to record levels.

While LePage likes to claim that he cut taxes as governor, really what he did was shift the tax burden onto middle class families. His policies led to an increase in property taxes. Paul LePage also saw the sales tax go up on his watch, increasing the costs of many goods for Maine people.

Today’s newest lie from Paul LePage comes as he also falsely said that fentanyl had been decriminalized in Maine.

“There is no greater enemy of Paul LePage than the truth. He has waged a relentless assault of dishonesty since the start of his campaign, likely because he knows that his record of division can’t stand up to Governor Mills’ record of bipartisan progress,” said Misha Linnehan, spokesperson for the Maine Democratic Party. “We will continue to hold LePage accountable because, when it comes to deciding something as important as Maine’s next Governor, Maine people deserve the truth – something LePage seems incapable of delivering.”

The Maine Democratic Party will continue to hold LePage accountable for his brazen lies.