For weeks, Collins has refused to speak to the press or the public about the ongoing impeachment inquiry, claiming that her role as a potential juror makes it impossible for her to discuss the matter -- but then she met yesterday with the inquiry’s subject behind closed doors.


Yesterday’s lunch with President Trump undermines the talking point that Collins has used for weeks to deflect any and all questions from Mainers, yet she is still refusing to answer questions about the inquiry, even after her own staff admitted that President Trump made comments about impeachment at the beginning of their lunch. 


  • Associated Press: “She’s said it would be improper to comment since she could be an impeachment juror.”


  • Portland Press Herald: Collins “has cited her role as a potential ‘juror’ in a Senate trial as grounds for not commenting on the House proceedings”


  • Bangor Daily News: “Collins [...] has refused to comment on the impeachment hearings, citing her view that she will serve as a juror in the Senate trial”


“Mainers deserve honesty. Senator Collins must explain how this meeting wasn’t a conflict. She owes it to her constituents to say if she believes the testimony from high-ranking officials that the president withheld foreign aid for his own political gain and Mainers need to know whether or not she plans on supporting President Trump for reelection in 2020,” said Maine Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Marra.


Here’s a quick roundup of coverage of Senator Collins’ lunch with Trump yesterday: