Westbrook, MAINE – As people across the country speak out against Republican State House candidate Les Gibson’s verbal attack on two students who survived the tragic Parkland school shooting, there is a group of people in Maine who have remained shamefully silent: Republican leaders.

To date, none of the Republican gubernatorial candidates have condemned Gibson for his remarks in which he referred to one student as a “skinhead lesbian” and said it was wrong to call her a survivor because she “was in a completely different part of the school.” In another, he called a student a “bald faced liar” because of statements the student made that were critical of the NRA.

Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett issued the following statement in response:

“Regardless of where someone falls along the political spectrum, we should all be able to agree that Les Gibson’s comments are reprehensible and deserving of our denunciation. Unfortunately, Governor LePage and all of the Republican gubernatorial candidates – many of whom are State House leaders – have remained shamefully silent.

"It shouldn’t be hard to condemn hate and clearly and unequivocally say that it has no place in our state – especially if you want to lead it. Today, we’re once again calling on Republican leaders to speak out against Gibson and his shameful comments.”