Today, the Maine Democratic Party is launching a new website to demonstrate how, despite his hollow claims that he’s changed, Paul LePage is still the same vindictive bully with a harmful agenda—the Same Old LePage. The website,, compares LePage’s eight-year record as governor with his 2022 campaign trail claims and plans for his administration if elected. And the contrast is…non existent: whether it’s his unhinged temperament, his support of failed policies, or his radical views on abortion, Paul LePage hasn’t changed.

“Paul LePage knows that his time in office was a disaster and so in a desperate bid to weasel his way back in, he’s lying to voters about being a changed man,” said Misha Linnehan, spokesperson for the Maine Democratic Party. “The Maine Democratic Party is using this website to show definitively that those claims are nothing more than empty campaign trail rhetoric. Voters deserve to know that the man they’ll see on the ballot this November is the same old Paul LePage.”

View the full website here.