Following the guilty verdict in the murder of George Floyd, Maine Democratic Party Chair Drew Gattine released the following statement: 

“We are holding George Floyd’s loved ones in our hearts. Today’s verdict was an important step towards accountability. But the outcome of this trial alone will not create systemic justice. 

“The racism that killed George Floyd remains. The racism that left his daughter Gianna without a father, his siblings Philonise, LaTonya, Terrence, and Bridgett without their brother, and his community without their friend, that racism remains. 

“We must recommit ourselves to creating a world where our systems are just. George Floyd deserved to grow old. George Floyd’s life mattered. Our systems must reflect that, and we must work to make it so. 

“As Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison said, Accountability is the ‘first step towards justice.’ We renew our conviction to taking every single other step, and not stopping until we have a truly just country for Black people.”

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