Maine Democratic Party Chair Drew Gattine released the following statement in response to the results of tonight’s Democratic and Republican gubernatorial primary elections:

“It’s official: the next time Maine voters go to the polls, they will be deciding between two familiar faces whose records are known, and the choice could not be more clear. Under eight years of Paul LePage, Maine people suffered as he fought with the Legislature, attacked Mainers’ rights, and refused to address some of the biggest problems impacting our state—like health care, the opioid epidemic, and the climate crisis. Faced with those very same problems, Governor Mills has delivered the progress that LePage obstructed, and led Maine to one of the strongest COVID responses and economic recoveries in the nation. Now, she is delivering one of the strongest inflation relief measures in the nation. The only way to protect that progress, our basic freedoms, and the bright future of our state is by re-electing Janet Mills—with so much on the line, we cannot allow Paul LePage to drag us backward once again.”