On National Women’s Equality Day, Maine Democratic Party Vice Chair Bev Uhlenhake released the following statement:

Under Janet Mills, Maine’s first woman Governor, our state has made great strides towards respecting women, empowering women, and protecting women’s rights. On National Women’s Equality Day, let us celebrate the progress we have made and recommit ourselves to continuing that progress in the years to come.

An important part of that progress will be ensuring that Maine rejects Paul LePage and other Republican candidates who are hostile to women’s rights and freedoms – particularly the right to choose – and who want to turn the clock back for women. We know that if given the chance Paul LePage would take away a woman’s reproductive freedoms, just as other extreme Republicans have across the nation.

Together, let us stand up for Janet Mills and say no to a third term of Paul LePage – for the sake of women across Maine. We will not go back.