In response to the news that Donald Trump Jr. will visit Bangor, Maine Democratic Party Executive Director Lisa Roberts released the following statement:

“Donald Trump Jr.’s last ditch attempts to stump for his father’s flailing campaign won’t do anything to change the reality that voters are sick and tired of this administration’s disastrous leadership and broken promises. They know that this president doesn’t care about everyday Mainers––he’s proven that by failing to mount an effective pandemic response that’s taken the lives of 225,000 Americans and wrecked our economy. And they know that despite years of claiming his health care plan is just weeks away, all we’ve gotten are reckless efforts to terminate the Affordable Care Act, and with it the health care of more than 100,000 Mainers. Voters are already casting their ballots in record numbers because they know the only way to end Trump’s chaos is to replace him with Joe Biden.”